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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Allgemein- und Viszeralchirurgie (DGAV)

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27. October 2017

Modul Kolorektale Chirurgie

Das Modul "Kolorektale Chirurgie" befasst sich mit häufigen benignen und malignen Krankheitsbildern der Kolorektalen Chirurgie. Aspekte der multimodalen Therapie beim kolorektalen Karzinom und...


‚Patienten ändern sich – wir uns auch‘. Unter dieses Motto haben wir die Viszeralmedizin im Jahr 2017 gestellt und laden Sie herzlich nach Dresden ein. 13. - 16. September 2017 Messe Dresden


Es freut uns sehr, Sie dem Wunsch der CAEK entsprechend zur 36. Arbeitstagung der Chirurgischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft Endokrinologie vom 2. bis zum 4. November 2017 nach Bern einzuladen.

Prof. Dr. A. Stier
Prof. Dr. A. Stier
Prof. Dr. H.-J. Buhr
Prof. Dr. H.-J. Buhr

Welcome to the website of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Allgemein- und Viszeralchirurgie (DGAV, [German society for general and visceral surgery]. The DGAV supports general and visceral surgery in science and in practice. At the same time, the DGAV also represents the interests and concerns of general and visceral surgery at all levels of health and social policy. 

The field of general and visceral surgery includes the endocrine surgery of all organs of the digestive tract (esophagus, liver, bile ducts, pancreas, small and large intestine, anus) and the abdomen. More than 4,600 members were registered in the DGAV in 2015, with new members joining daily. 


The DGAV was founded in 1998. Prior to its founding, the interests of general and visceral surgery were pursued by its "mother society", the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chirurgie (DGCH). The transformation of the DGCH into a superordinate association representing all surgical fields and the restructuring of specialist training regulations made it necessary to form a separate society that would look after the interests of general and visceral surgery. 

Tasks of the DGAV

The primary task of the DGAV is the continuing improvement of quality in surgery. The society is dedicated to contributing to the welfare of the patient through the quality improvement and quality assurance of surgical performance in all hospitals. Continuously improving surgical quality also benefits the hospital as well as the cost bearers. 

Surgical training

An interactive modular system (12 modules) "By young surgeons for young surgeons" is leading surgical training in new directions. 

OR courses

Modern techniques are taught in special OR courses such as, e.g., "Praktischer Kurs für Viszeralchirurgie Warnemünde" (in German language).

Visiting phyisican and travel grants

Special grants (visiting physician grantstravel grants) provide financial possibilities for members to visit other hospitals. 


The DGAV grants various certifications which exclusively serve quality improvement. The certified centers participate in clinical studies. 

 OR checklist

The DGAV provides its members with achecklist which can help increase patient safety. At the same time, it also exhonorates the hospital in the case of an adverse event. 

Improvement of specialist training regulations

The DGAV is a member of the standing committee for specialist training of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chirurgie (DGCH) [German surgical society] and the Berufsverbandes der Deutschen Chirurgen (BDC) [professional association of German surgeons]. We persistantly strive for the improvement of specialist training regulations in order to give also younger colleagues the opportunity to receive well-founded and efficient training. 

 Employment opportunities on the DGAV website

A list of employment opportunities for surgeons is available on the DGAV website. This page is the second most frequently visited page on the website. We are currently offering access to this page at a discounted rate through March 31, 2010. 


A scientific society like the DGAV is dependent on the activities of its members. We therefore hope for active and critical participation of all members in the formation of the society. Thus, we encourage you as a general and visceral surgeon to register as a member of the DGAV. With your participation in one of the various surgical working groups, you can support medical and scientific activities as well as help form them. 

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the DGAV, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Sincerely yours,
Prof. Dr. A. Stier, DGAV President
Prof. Dr. H.-J. Buhr, DGAV Secretary


Recent DGAV certifications

Dr. Marc-Olaf Liedke
Klinik für Viszeral-, Thorax- und Gefäßchirurgie
Westküstenkliniken Brunsbüttel und Heide gGmbH | Standort Heide, Heide
Tel: +49 481 785 1301, WWW
Competence center for Schilddrüsen- und Nebenschilddrüsenchirurgie

Prof. Dr. med. Tobias Keck
Chirurgische Klinik
UKSH, Campus Lübeck, Lübeck
Tel: 0451/500-3583, WWW
Reference center for Chirurgische Erkrankungen des Pankreas

Dr. med. Claas Brockschmidt
Klinik für Allgemein- und Viszeralchirurgie
Evangelisches Krankenhaus Hagen-Haspe, Hagen
Tel: +49 2331 476 2851, WWW
Competence center for Adipositas- und metabolische Chirurgie

Dr. med. Mario Dellanna
Klinik für Allgemein-, Viszeral-, Minimalinvasive Chirurgie, Proktologie, Adipositaschirurgie
St.-Antonius-Hospital, Eschweiler
Tel: +49 2403 76-1208, WWW
Competence center for Adipositas- und metabolische Chirurgie

PD Dr. med. Ansgar Röhrborn
Department für Oberbauch- und Endokrine Chirurgie, Adipositaszentrum
St. Josef-Krankenhaus Hamm-Bockum-Hövel, Hamm
Tel: +49 2381 961-1851, WWW
Competence center for Adipositas- und metabolische Chirurgie

Dr. med. Matthias Schlensak
Zentrum für Allgemeine Chirurgie & Viszeralchirurgie
Schön Klinik Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf
Tel: 0211 567-2310, WWW
Competence center for Adipositas- und metabolische Chirurgie

Prof. Dr. med. Maximilian Schmeding
Chirurgische Klinik
Klinikum Dortmund gGmbH, Dortmund
Tel: +49 231 953-21430, WWW
Competence center for Minimal-Invasive Chirurgie

Prof. Dr. med. Winfried Padberg
Allgemein-, Viszeral-, Thorax-, Transplantations- u. Kinderchirurgie
Universitätsklinikum Gießen, Gießen
Tel: 0641/985-44701, WWW
Competence center for Chirurgische Behandlung von bösartigen Erkrankungen des Peritoneums

PD Dr. med. Peter Vogel
Klinik für Allgemein-, Viszeral- u. Minimalinvasive Chirurgie
Klinikum Bad Hersfeld, Bad Hersfeld
Tel: +49 6621 88 1526, WWW
Competence center for Minimal-Invasive Chirurgie

Prof. Dr. med. Jens Werner
Klinik für Allgemein-, Viszeral-, Gefäß- und Transplantationschirurgie
Klinikum der Universität München - Campus Großhadern, München
Tel: +49 89 / 4400-0, WWW
Excellence center for Chirurgische Erkrankungen der Leber

DGAV sustaining members

  • Aesculap AG, Tuttlingen (2004)
  • Medtronic Deutschland GmbH, Neustadt  (2006)
  • Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH, Freiburg(2008)
  • Johnson & Johnson Medical GmbH, Norderstedt (2004)
  • Fresenius Kabi, Bad Homburg (2007)
  • Karl Storz GmbH & Co.KG, Tuttlingen (2005)
  • Olympus Medical Systems, Hamburg (2007)
  • Pfizer Pharma, Karlsruhe (2006)
  • Unimed GmbH, Wadern - Noswendel (2008)
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