Association Surgical Oncology

Association Surgical Oncology (ACO)

The aim of the working group is to purposefully bundle the activities in visceral-surgical oncology and to optimize their profile also in interdisciplinary cooperation with the DGVS and the various other working groups of the Deutschen Krebsgesellschaft (AIO, ARO, etc.).

Strategically for this purpose, organ-specific working groups (esophagus, stomach, hepatobiliary system, colon, rectum) were formed. The purpose of these working groups is to identify important questions regarding various tumor entities from a surgical oncology perspective and to conceptualize relevant studies. The studies are intended to be conceptualized, coordinated and carried out by the "Gastro-intestinal tumor interdisciplinary study group" of the Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft [German cancer society]. The working group also contributes to the preparation of therapy guidelines developed in cooperation with the AWMF or the DKG. Furthermore, the CAO-V is dedicated to developing a training cirriculum for "special surgical oncology" and to initiating the certification of advanced training courses in surgical oncology. 

Last update: 2019-Dec-03