DGAV visiting physician grants


In 2008, the DGAV awarded its first visiting physician grant for young general and visceral surgeons. The grants are to be used for travelling to visit clinics, especially in Germany, where the grant recipients can broaden their knowledge.

In addition to the travel grants, the visiting physician grant is another aid opportunity available to the members of the DGAV. This grant enables us to offer our members the opportunity to gain experience in larger clinics and university hospitals. It is often especially difficult for surgeons at smaller clinics to stay on top of current surgical developments. The visiting physician grant is also intended to enable young members to broaden their knowledge while visiting other hospitals.

The visiting physician grants are awarded annually. The annual total currently available for these grants is €5000. Each grant recipient is awarded a maximum of €1000. Grant recipients are reimbursed for travel costs against submission of receipts (e.g. transportation costs, hotel, etc.).

The grants are awarded at the annual general meeting of the DGAV. 

Visiting physician grant recipients and reports

2008Völl, M.Hannover
2008Hohaus, M.Dresden
2008Niemann, U.Heidenheim
2009Meisel, D.
2009Saada, G.Recklinghausen
2010Baeck-Ertl, I.Ottobeuren

Mennigen, R.

2014Tripp, C.Kaufbeuren
2015Radulova-Mauersberger, O.
2015Krause, A.
2017Hummel, R.
2017Lipp, M. J.Hamburg
2017Rückert, F.Mannheim
2017Sostmann, B. D.Neuss



Last update: 2017-Aug-24