09. Dezember 2022

Perioperative Management in CRS and HIPEC of Peritoneal Malignancy

From 9th to the 14th December 2022 we are organizing the interdisciplinary workshop under the auspices of the surgical (DGAV and BDC) and anaesthesiological (DGAI and BDA) societies as well as the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO)


The combination of cytoreductive surgery (CRS) and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) as a treatment for peritoneal metastases is becoming ever more significant for both palliative and curative cancer treatment. In order to bring the greatest possible benefit to the patient, both careful preoperative selection and also standardized perioperative management are crucial. The Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for performing CRS/HIPEC at the Charité Department of Surgery were developed on the basis of both experience and the most recent research. These SOPs are part of what made it possible for a Department of Surgery to be certified by the German Cancer Society and OnkoZert as a peritoneal malignancy center.

Module 1: This two day workshop will include expert talks, videos, interactive case discussions both for surgical and on postoperative intensive care unit belongings. Participants will experience the most significant problems in the operating room or intensive care unit. The key element of this training is a post-scenario debriefing where the participants can discuss treatment strategies, difficulties, standards, and questions. After this module they are able to prepare a SOP, which fits their clinical situation. Participant are encouraged to write their skeletal own SOP and discuss contents in module 2.

Module 2: During three days participants will join the clinical pathway at the Charité Department of Special Surgical Oncology. Multi-disciplinary board discussion, intraoperative live procedures for surgical and anaesthesiological belongings. Postoperative ICU and ward rounds and discussion along the SOP Guidelines of the department. (limited number of participants).

Prerequisites for Participation  
·   Surgical or anesthesiological intensive care training (at least one year of experience on an intensive care unit)  
·   Anesthesiologist or surgeon (close to achieving board specialist certification)  
·   Experience with HIPEC or similar treatment

Instructional Methods  
Module 1: Interdisciplinary course; Talks, small groups; Case examples using simulation patient; Hands on: simulator  
Module 2: Interdisciplinary case discussions, development of SOP for own belongings, intraoperative live procedures for surgical and anaesthesiological participants

Secretary & Registration 
Sandra Wegel | sandra.wegel(at)charite.de  
Tel. +49 30 450 622 266 | Fax +49 30 450 7 522 214 

Registration Deadline 18. November 2022 
Please send your registration to the secretary (above). Teams from hospitals will receive preference. Please send the following documents as a pdf-file application 
· Team (name and department) 
· Letter of motivation 
· Letter of Reference from the head of your department 


18. April 2023

DCK 2023

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