06. September 2022

Bariatric Bootcamp - Clinical, Scientific and Communicational Principles in Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery

The advanced course is for the multi-disciplinary team involved in the treatment of obesity...


The advanced course is for the multi-disciplinary team involved in the treatment of obesity and informs about up-to-date studies investigating the underyling mechanisms of bariatric surgery with a special focus on gastrointestinal hormones and ingestive behavior. The course will involve a comprehensive information and discussion of modern digital strategies to improve retention and health competence of patients with morbid obesity with or without bariatric surgery. The faculty is excited to share best practices and tips, enhancing surgical, scientific and communicational skills. On bariatric simulation models will be shown, how surgeons can train the technical skills of their residents in a systematic & standardized way for different bariatric procedures. 

1. To increase knowledge about recent scientific evidence and ongoing studies investigating the underlying physiological mechanisms of bariatric & metabolic surgery other than restriction and malabsorption  
2. To improve digital & non-digital communication skills to increase retention & health competence of patients with morbid obesity  
3. To show how to teach your residents on bariatric simulators 
4. To understand the rationale for standard bariatric procedures procedure in primary and revisional bariatric surgery including appropriate patient selection and follow-up management

Target Group: 
Team of bariatric surgeon & non-surgical health care professionals with a special interest in the surgical treatment of morbid obesity, such as patient manager, internal specialist, dietician, etc.

Date: 6th and 7th of September 2022

Location: UniversitätsSpital Zürich & Hospital Männedorf, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. med. Marco Bueter, PhD  
Prof. Dr. med. Carel le Roux, MBChB, MSC, FRCP, FRCPath, PhD  
PD Dr. med., MHBA Andreas Thalheimer